Make a Holiday and New Year Donation in a Loved One’s Name

While ANY contribution amount is sincerely appreciated, and you will be recognized as a Founding Equine Guardian for donating at this time; at least $20.00 would be very helpful toward meeting PEGA’s initial goal of $5,000.00. Here is all you do:

Step 1- Click here and donate:

Step 2- Please email us at to let us know whose name you wish the gift to be in. (Our immediate Holiday Gift effort offers a way to send a monetary gift in the name of SOMEONE YOU LOVE) that is on your Christmas or Holiday list. We will reply back with a beautiful certificate message with yours’ or their name, and thanks for becoming a Founding Pegasus Equine Guardian. Yours’ or their name will also be listed with timely updates on PEGA website:

Step 3- You can print this certificate out for yourself, or and put in an envelope or frame and wrap for your loved one. It will be a lasting keepsake of and reminder of the horses we are working together to help. PEGA will also provide a 501c3 compliant receipt for your monetary contribution within a timely manner.

One thought on “Make a Holiday and New Year Donation in a Loved One’s Name

  1. Thank you for all that you are doing to save our Louisiana history and our wild horses. They are not Trespass horses. These animals have more rights to be here than any General. History tells the truth.

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