Louisiana’s Heritage Horses and the Struggle to Protect Them | The Timeline

This is a working document… a summarized timeline of our struggle to protect the Heritage Horses at US Army base in Fort Polk, Louisiana.

It is documented that horses were distributed across the Kisatchie region as early as mid 1600’s when the Caddoan tribes traded A type of horse commonly  referred to as Spanish Colonial Horses  with French settlers the kisatchie  region, an area known as the Neutral Zone or No Man’s Land all part of the Louisiana Purchase, which is documented as early as 1682 by the USFS.

This small, compact horse is found in the wild herds in Peason Ridge, LA and in the remote areas down toward Fort Polk, LA.

This area is also known historically as the Old Beef Trail or Burrs Ferry Road. Where Horses and Cattle were driven from the Piney woods of East Texas into the Vernon Parish Area.

As settlers moved to the region and made farming their livelihood, they documented the numbers of livestock produced (r2). In the mid 1800’s, thousands of horses were free ranged with no fencing on vast grazing areas in today’s Sabine, Vernon, Beauregard, Rapides, Grant, Natchitoches, Webster, Claiborne and Winn Parishes, Leesville, and Fort Polk, LA.

Horses were in the area long before Louisiana became a state in 1812.

Auction and estate sale records show hundreds of saddle horses and wild horses were sold in these areas. Horses and mules also came by railroad and were transportation for the area’s sawmill towns and massive logging industry.

When commercial logging subsided, some were relesaed with existing wild horses, others were left behind when the army took over Heritage Families’ land by eminent domain (r3).

Horses of every size and age were also utilized by the military from locals and used as “remounts” and service animals because of the shortage of regulation cavalry horses. Hundreds served alongside the cavalry horses during the Louisiana Maneuvers of 1941 involving over 400,000 men (17,000 mounted Cavalry Troops) in preparation for WWII.

Historical Court Documents 1993-2010

1993 Kim Reischling, spokeswoman for Fort Polk said a roundup in 1993 snared 41 horses, which were placed with two local ranches. What is not discussed in the article are the cruel methods used to capture these horses, from tranquilizing and tying to trees to dragging them into trailers and I would love to know the who were 2 local “ranches” they were placed with……  https://www.armytimes.com/story/military/2015/08/12/army-says-nay-700-feral-horses-roaming-louisiana-base/31539995/

November 2000 – Docket# 01-31361 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B804-evSOOXacWQ3X0NDdFBJeG8

July 25, 2002 NEPA Settlement Agreement with COLAA  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B804-evSOOXaZjFDVUxQYTNzejQ

2004 AR-News: Louisiana Wild Horses (need to be saved from destruction) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B804-evSOOXab0VLN3FjZkdrQUE

2009 Article by Tulanes Adam Babich, ” In 2002, TELC negotiated a settlement on behalf of the Coalition for Louisiana Animal Advocates that required the U.s. Army to refrain from roundup and removal of wild horses from Fort Polk in the Kisatchie national Forest until completing an environmental impact statement or environmental assessment”… Read more here:  http://www.law.tulane.edu/uploadedfiles/academics/clinics/documents/illegal_perm.pdf

2010 Army Decision FNSI https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B804-evSOOXaU2F6RzFxb2FmMkk

2010 Letter to Col Burns https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B804-evSOOXaSGZTYVhORWJzQUE

Events 2015 to Present

-August 2015-

8/12/2015 KLAB Article http://www.kalb.com/home/headlines/Army-says-nay-to-700-feral-horses-roaming-Louisiana-base-321596462.html?device=phone&c=y

ARMYtimes http://www.armytimes.com/story/military/2015/08/12/army-says-nay-700-feral-horses-roaming-louisiana-base/31539995/

8/13/2015 Public Hearing held in Leesville. See Update posted to our facebook page after the hearing: https://www.facebook.com/1484973435133037/photos/a.1484975115132869.1073741827.1484973435133037/1485056251791422/?type=3&theater

8/14/2015 Article in Leesville Leader & Comment https://www.facebook.com/1484973435133037/photos/a.1485004461796601.1073741830.1484973435133037/1485738005056580/?type=3&theater

First glimmer of hope is that Ft. Polk representatives have stated they are collecting comments until September 2nd on behalf of solutions for their horse herd management and dispersal. This should mean that no action will be taken until such time, our fear is that kill buyers will not honor that deadline.

KALB http://www.kalb.com/home/headlines/Army-seeks-public-input-on-how-to-resolve-feral-horse-issue-321839032.html

8/18/2015 We start receiving conflicting information; pictures of existing catch pens on Peason Ridge.

Facebook Update

We are receiving conflicting information about the time table for Ft Polk Cavalry horse removal and believe the Ft Polk Cavalry descended herd to be in immediate jeopardy.

Ft Polk Game Warden Mr. Baldwin confirmed that a single Permit for Equine Capture allows up to 50 horse per year and that this has already taken effect. The Game Warden said there are WELL over 700 horses for the taking. You must catch them yourself anytime between 8-4 M-F. Again, these horses are in the Peason Ridge Wildlife area, not on the Ft Polk base whose horses seem to be currently less at risk.

Fort Polk game warden also confirmed you can get 50/yr max You have to catch them yourself. No QT or vet prior to taking the horses

Yes there are stipulations on the permit stating no sale to slaughter, but there seem to be no safeguards to know who is requesting permits. Kill buyers can easily hire others to take out permits. We are unaware of registering or photographing of captured horses to show evidence if they are found in a kill pen. We are talking about a kill buyer’s dream here – if you get 50 today, then just fill out a permit in another name you can get another 50 tomorrow.

This is a travesty. For those with a hunting or fishing license with a WMA permit, the permit to get the horse is free. Others pay $9.50 per permit

8/30/2015 KTBS Article & Interview with Mary Brocato, PEGA Board Member


-September 2015-

 9/1/2015 Proposal submitted to General Timothy P McGuire & Wayne Fariss (emailed, fedex, and had delivered)

9/5/2015 Proposal Deadline

9/7/2015 KATC Article & Interview

  1. http://www.katc.com/story/29972481/fighting-to-keep-horses-at-kisatchie-national-forest
  2. http://www.katc.com/story/29971598/horses-of-kisatchie-national-forest

9/10/2015 Received this email from an individual who received it from Range Mgmt Authority,  Ronald W Semerena. We found this disturbing because the Army previously implied that they were waiting till Jan 2016 before anything would be done.


> To: 

> Subject: Horse Capture Program

> Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 

> Rotational Cleanup is currently scheduled through the 16th of SEP.The 17th is the earliest I can allow outside activities, providing all goes accordingly and another unit does not reserve the training area. Should access be allowed earlier, I will notify you by email or phone.

> The new procedures have NOT been approved yet but I expect they will be similar to the following:

> The right of entry may not be used for any other purpose. 

> The right of entry is only valid when used in conjunction with a Training Area POV Pass issued by DPTMS, Range Operations, located at Building # 3225, 7487 Georgia Avenue, Fort Polk, LA 71459. Passes are issued for specific periods and must be obtained in person at Range Control, Mon-Fri0800-1630, telephone (337) 531-5445.

> You would agree to comply with the following:

> 1. Will not access any impact area or other area marked as off-limits. 

> 2. Will only access installation areas expressly open for equine capture as identified by Range Control (531-5445).

> 3. Will physically check-in with Range Control at building # 3225, 7487 Georgia Avenue, Fort Polk, LA 71459 prior to entering the training area. 

> 4. To check-out, horses must be visually counted by Range Control at their office or by DES at any manned Access Control Point.

> 5. Will not sell, donate or loan captured equine to any person or entity for uses prohibited by this agreement. 

> 6. Will not use any captured equine for rodeo stock or other similar enterprises. 

> 7. Will not slaughter, or permit the slaughter, of any captured equine for the purpose of production of goods, including, but not limited to glue and dog food. 

> 8. Will immediately remove all property and-or equipment and vacate the installation upon notification of the revocation or temporary cancelation of this right of entry, or the closure of the installation to equine capture.

> Regards, 

> Ronald W. Semerena

> Fort Polk Range Management Authority

> DSN 863

 9/15/2015 FedEx’d copies of proposal and letters to Sec. of Defense and Sec of Army

9/16/2015 Facebook Update:

We have followed the Army’s directions, submitted proposals with COMPREHENSIVE solutions, both for the short term & LONG TERM issues with Horses in #‎FortPolk #‎Kisatchie #‎PeasonRidge

A lot of folks were under the impression that NO ACTION would be taken until Jan 1 2016 which is what was said or implied by Army Officials (at the Public hearing on Aug13th, to reporters, as well as to individuals).

This is not the case. They begin to allow horses to be adopted under an agreement that is lacking to say the least.

#FortPolk #Kisatchie #PeasonRidge will continue to be a dumping ground for horses … breeding ground for horses unmanaged. In 5 years we will have the same issue. They are just patching the problem and it seems the ONLY ones to suffer will be the HORSES.

9/18/2015 Facebook Update: 

“Investigative reporter/anchor Elsa Gillis and investigative reporter/researcher Vickie Welborne, KTBS TV News, reported recently from Peason Ridge area on the historic war horse herd at Fort Polk.We now have confirmation that people who don’t even have a drivers lic will be allowed on base to get a horse. Tell me how does one get a permit without a license? There is real fear that the horses will suffer if we try to stop the removal, but in order to formulate a good ethical plan?

Wouldn’t there need to be a halt to issuing permit, providing time to properly vet out an ethical solution?

Revise permits, closing any loop holes that exist?

What about quickly repair fencing, ensuring the soldiers and citizens are safe?

This is all moving too fast and if we don’t get some more attention on this it will certainly end badly for the Horses. It is known that Fort Polk horses have already been sent to slaughter previously under the current army issued permits. The very same agreement which they themselves admitted has NO ENFORCEMENT. This admission was on camera, see interview link.

KTBS (ABC) http://www.ktbs.com/story/29917762/an-uncertain-future-for-ft-polks-horses

Why arent the local officials and law enforcement focusing their energy on preventing the problem from the source, instead of making the animals suffer.

What are they going to do to prevent dumping?

What are they going to do … recklessly send them off … replacing them with Privately Owned Cattle!!! “

 9/21/2015 Received the following report from a local that lives in the area. We have photographic evidence as well as a video. Local kill buyer even tried to come through the ladys car windows and grab her phone.

“There is a guy that is catching horses from fort Polk… we have spoken with him and he says he is allowed to take 4 per day an what he can’t break to ride he is sending to Mexico. An if I recall the only reason they sent over there is for slaughter… please help! The horses out in the training box has been there for years an so many people takes their kids an goes an watches them an even feeds them… we the people want to put a stop to these types of people. Please help

We have all seen him an even talked to him. That’s how we know what’s going on

East gate

He is trailing feed into a fab

An catching them as they enter”

The big fab out at the air strip. It has a concrete bridge going to it

 9/22/2015 Update:

Local well known kill buyer was rounding up horses. Tried to take the phone of a concerned citizen. Range control was called and he was forced to release horses and leave. Which he did, only to return an hour or so later to catch more horses.

9/23/2015 Town Talk Article


9/24/2015 Beauregard Daily News Article http://www.beauregarddailynews.net/article/20150924/NEWS/150929873

9/27/2015 Facebook Update:

Reports of a Gray mare entangled in ropes.  Horses being tranquilized for capture by local kill buyer crew, no licensed vet present. This is entirely premature and unprofessional to allow these horses to be removed prior to a proper evaluation and documentation.

I also think it is unrealistic to expect that we are going to find homes for a majority of the horses, especially in this manner when the army has consistently implied they were following a timeline, but in reality they are not.

Locally known self-proclaimed kill buyers were among the first who were issued permits. Not to mention numerous locals have reported people illegally parking near the base and rounding up horses. This was confirmed by a conversation with Col Athey on Oct 6th Meeting at Fort Polk.

HSUS has even recommended a cessation of the current Horse Capture Program due to the fact that you cant properly asses herd(s) of horses if horses are being removed. This is a statement by HSUS.

Not only that but we also have reports of horses being tranquilized unsuccessfully, meaning there are horses out there with darts in them because the tranq didnt work.

As well as horses being caught by in ground buckets of feed which snares the horse around the neck when it tries to eat the feed. Locals have reached out to me via our facebook because the range control and army officials are allowing a free-for-all and ignoring their calls.


9/29/15 PEGA Sends FOIA to Fort Polk.


 9/29/2015 Article and Interview with Mary Brocato, PEGA Board Member


9/30/2015 Article on KPLC ABC


-October 2015-

10/03/2015 Laura Leigh Article in Horse Back Magazine

Looming Outrage: Fort Polk Creates Danger to Horses and Humans

 10/06/2015 Meeting with General McGuire, Col Athey, Col Sullivan, Troy Darr & Milton Wayne Fariss @ Fort Polk

It was confirmed at this meeting that a “group of individuals” were caught corralling a large amount of horses.

We were told that these individuals were “banned” from the base. However, I suspect they were allowed to leave with the captured horses, because locals reported seeing “trailers of horses leaving the area of fort polk, headed in the direction of Pineville.

 10/08/2015 Article in MetroLeader (local news)


10/11/2015 Report from local:

Army allowing people to go in and capture horses, scheduled for 10/17 & 10/18


10/14/2015 Message HSUS Rep.

“While we have consulted with them about the benefits of adopting fertility control on the base, which they are currently pursuing in conjunction with LSU, unfortunately, we’re not in a better situation to manage their actions than anyone else, particularly because they are acting under the belief that they are complying with their last NEPA analysis – and can do so until the new NEPA document comes out in January.  In this respect, we’ve requested the cessation of the removal program because even if they believe it’s legal, it’s complicated to pursue a fertility control program while simultaneously removing animals.

While we’ve also pushed for sanctuary status for the horses, and the utilization of a humane adoption network if removal is pursued, and offered our services in this respect (via our comments, and conversations) we are not consulting them on this- though we have offered to, and would like to.” – Gillian Lyons, HSUS

 10/14/15 Cease & Desist sent to Army


 10/15/2015 Horses Captured by locally known kill-buyer are up for sale online.

101515 2


Friday nite at 7 pm the helicopter came from checking the horse herds on Peason Ridge. Word that there was no round up scheduled for 17th and 18th …Only to find out there was plans for the 19th-31st

General Russel Honore’ joins advocates asking for a moratorium on Fort Polk ‘trespass’ horse capture permits.

 Rt Fitch Article http://rtfitchauthor.com/2015/10/16/fort-polk-horses-need-your-help

 FPHK Launched our See Something, Say Something, Do Something Campaign.


 10/19/2015   Conflicting reports tell us that the Army is NOT putting a stop to the unethical actions of capturing horses and transporting without Coggins, even after multiple organizations have recommended a cessation to all activity around horse capture.

Convesation with Local:

“I actually just got off the phone with Local, who requested I give him a call. He is the admin of FORT POLK HORSES

He wanted to tell me what his experience was like at Fort Polk.

He went into the office and spoke with Ron Semerena and another guy, he didn’t remember his name.

When he asked for the permit the one guy didn’t seem to eager to help, So Semerna offered to take care of the permit.  Local said that he had to ask for directions where to get the “tame ones”. Semerena was vague about it .. but “finally gave him directions”

Local asked about the process for after getting a horse, Semerena stated that he could just go home.. didn’t not tell him to check out.

Local also stated that the horses we skittish and “acted like somebody had been after them” and that Fort Polk is increasing their problems by allowing rookies to go out there and “mess” with the horses. Stating nobody is going to be able to go out there and “cowboy these horses”, he said that they wont make any real progress this way.  He felt Fort Polk Range is going about it wrong, because by they time they catch a horse, another one will be having another baby.

He saw a mare with a 7mth old who was pregnant again.

Local shared some of his knowledge and experience with me. he said that no one will be able to “drive” these horses in those piney woods. He suggested the only way would be to make friends with the horse. have open pens. where we feed them for a few mths. and eventually close the gate. we may only get  15-20 horses at a time…

At that point the horses would need to be evaluated, microchipped and freeze branded ( freeze brand because its an easy first sight way to identify the horse), that would let people know that they were microchipped and from FP.

Local and I actually agree on the low stress method is the only way to go. He seems to care “

Another report from someone (E.D.) on base said that they “saw 50%of the horses hiding in the woods .. they acted like they knew they were being hunted.”

10/23/15 Follow Up Communication with Ft Polk on FOIA #1 via Email

10/24/2015 We have had reports from locals of people going on base at night with empty horse trailers. maroon dodge 3/4 ton when I’ve been seeing him… but when my bf thought he saw him he was in a black 3/4-ton dodge, pulling 4-6 horse trailer. between the dates of 21st-23rd of this mth. Also the base is open till the 31st for removal per another local

 10/25/2015 Video Post of My Visit to Peason Ridge https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/videos/1507454736218240/?autoplay_reason=all_page_organic_allowed&video_container_type=0&video_creator_product_type=0&app_id=6628568379

10/28/2015 Video of DoubleS Kill Pen aka Thompson Feed Lot, which is located less than 15 miles from South end of Fort Polk. Near the Fullerton Entrance. back of Drop Zone https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/videos/1508210539475993/

Reports of 4 trailer loads of horses leaving base per local kill buyers Jacob Thompson.


10/28/2015 FOIA #1 Response ( All copies redacted personal identifiable info)

102815 2

 10/30/2015 Response from Dept of Army re Letters sent 9/15/2015


-November 2015-

11/01/2015 LA Governors Run Off Race

Here is John Bel Edwards during run off election posing with Ian Somerhalder (movie star, Louisiana native, and Horse advocate – IS Foundation)

In the following pictures you will see Honorable John Bel Edwards whose ENTIRE campaign was based on one word “INTEGRITY” …. Acknowledging the Heritage of these herds.

11/4/2015 Launched WordPress website https://pegasusequine.wordpress.com/

11/4/2015 Update


11/5/2015 Fort Polk Acknowledge Receipt of FOIA #1


11/12/2015 Reports of Fort Polk Horses possibly at Bastrop Kill Pen https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/posts/1511683942461986

John Bel Edwards recognizes them as Heritage Herds https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/photos/a.1485004461796601.1073741830.1484973435133037/1511735325790181/?type=3&theater

11/16/2015 Pegasus Equine Guardian Association (PEGA) is officially recognized as a nonprofit in the state of LA

Evanescent Mustang Sanctuary Rescues Mare and Foal suspected of coming from Fort Polk https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/photos/a.1485004461796601.1073741830.1484973435133037/1512732195690494/?type=3&theater

11/17/2015 Kill Buyers selling horses he caught at Fort Polk https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/posts/1513001255663588

11/19/2015 Video post https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/posts/1513408128956234

-December 2015-

12/03/2015 Cease & Desist


12/09/2015 Another Horse caught by Local Kill Buyer.. I ended up paying for her and a local took her in. https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/posts/1518551491775231

12/11/2015 Statement from US Senator Bill Cassidy https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/photos/a.1485004461796601.1073741830.1484973435133037/1519040831726297/?type=3&theater

John Bel Edwards pre Governor win posting like he is going to help these horses. https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/posts/1519103871719993


12/12/2015 PEGA WordPress Update https://pegasusequine.wordpress.com/2015/12/12/press-release-fort-polk-horses-in-kisatchie-national-forest/

12/14/2015 Tulane Environmental Law FOIA sent


12/15/2015  Urging public to comment before End Of Comment Persion 12/21/2015 https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/photos/a.1485004461796601.1073741830.1484973435133037/1520219948275052/?type=3&theater

12/18/2015  More public land in works for northern Louisiana hunters…


12/26/2015 Update https://www.facebook.com/notes/kim-sheppard/fort-polk-peason-ridge-kisatchie-region-free-roaming-herdspart-of-louisiana-hist/1032886806757109

 12/29/2015 Update https://pegasusequine.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/fort-polk-kisatchie-equines-are-disappearing-in-danger-exposure-needed/

-January 2016-

01/08/2016 Statement from Senator Bill Cassidy https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/photos/a.1485004461796601.1073741830.1484973435133037/1528639454099768/?type=3&theater

 1/13/2016 Communication on FOIA #1




1/25/2016 Kill Buyer crew bragging about catching Colts

blade driggers

-February 2016-

2/4/2016 https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/posts/1536768576620189

2/16/2016 ALDF Submits FOIA request to Army


2/21/2016 New Commanding General Announced https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/posts/1542477612715952

2/24/2016 Statement received from Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr.
supporting the humane and ethical treatment the free-roaming #horses on Fort Polk Army Base in Kisatchie National Forest. https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/photos/a.1485004461796601.1073741830.1484973435133037/1543443562619357/?type=3&theater


2/26/2016 Army Responds to FOIA#1


022616 2

-March 2016-

3/2/2016 History of Horses in Louisiana Area https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/posts/1546324592331254

3/4/2016 Communication FOIA #1


3/9/2016 WordPress Update https://pegasusequine.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/save-the-historic-free-roaming-wild-horses-of-kisatchie-national-forest/

3/12/2016 Louisiana Lt Governor, Billy Nungesser statement https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/photos/a.1485004461796601.1073741830.1484973435133037/1549686095328437/?type=3&theater


 3/16/2016 Tulane sent Follow Up Letter to Army regarding Tulane-FOIA

031616031616 2

3/21/2016 FOIA #1 Communication


-April 2016-

4/7/2016 Army Replies to Tulane’s Follow Up letter re: Tulane-FOIA

040716040716 2

4/7/2016 Army Send Acknowledgement re ALDF-FOIA – Assigned case # FA16-0793

4/28/2016 Environmental Assessment released. Open Public Comment Period Initiates

Final Environmental Assessment located HERE: http://www.jrtc-polk.army.mil/Main_Page_Docs/Trespass_Horses/Final_Environmental_Assessment_for_Trespass_Horses_28APR16_ver2.pdf

 Summary of EA 04/28/16

Enviromental Assessment Facebook Update

If you ALL have not read the EA from Fort Polk I strongly suggest you at least look at the following pages.

Proposed Course of Action (COA) pages 36-47

Review of Comments (table) pages 197-201

Comments to Leave Them Alone w/ Suggestions pages 224-541

Hand Written Comments pages 542-548  ***Featuring Warren Tommy Driggers & Jacob Thompson***

State Rep Comments pages 562-563

Comment for NO ACTION 603-773

Recorded Phone Comments pages 774-781

Oh… and then there are the Examples of Horses Causing Issues… which all occured after Nov 7th. Which was the same timeframe of the *suspected* Army chasing the horses out of the Drop Zone into NorthFort..
This all played out online and MANY MANY locals called them out on this…. stating in all the years theyve lived on base they have NEVER seen a horse out in that area…. (well documented conversations on the JRTC Fort Polk Facebook page)

-May 2016-

5/1/2016 Article in Leesville Leader Newspaper https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/posts/1569364720027241


5/1/2016 COMMENT PERIOD EXTENDED by Army to 06/17/16! Please comment, help preserve Fort Polk, Peason Ridge, Kisatchie HERITAGE HERDS. https://www.facebook.com/notes/kim-sheppard/comment-period-extended-by-army-to-061716-please-comment-help-preserve-fort-polk/1105248426187613

5/5/2016 New Commanding General, out with McGuire.. in with Brito


5/10/2016 RT Fitch https://rtfitchauthor.com/2016/05/10/alert-fort-polk-wild-horses-in-serious-jeopardy/

5/14/2016 Open Letter https://www.facebook.com/notes/fort-polk-horses-of-kisatchie/protect-louisianas-free-roaming-horses-today/1573567009607012

5/15/2016 Interesting post with Comments from Army PAO Troy Darr https://www.facebook.com/fortpolkhoses/posts/1573967059567007

5/20/2016 Discovered why some individuals could not get the comments submitted by email.



It has just come to my attention the The Dept of Defense does not recognize Hughes.net or various other satellite type computer addresses.
“I had requested information from them WHY I cannot reply or send to them and this is what I got : 
hughes.net has not been cleared yet by Defense IT and he can’t get emails through to mail.mil”

 5/30/2016 Update https://www.facebook.com/notes/fort-polk-horses-of-kisatchie/army-intends-to-get-rid-of-historic-herds-at-fort-polk-kisatchie-ntl-forest-loui/1572431449720568

-June 2016-

6/2/2016 ADLF Submits Comments

Letter: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B804-evSOOXaWnExQUpDcTNxRzM0dG9TUmYxZEl0b3I0Ry1V

Exhibit: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B804-evSOOXaT3VFNzRxcGpKTFU

6/4/2016 PURPOSE & OBJECTIVES -Pegasus Equine Guardian Association (PEGA) https://pegasusequine.wordpress.com/2016/06/04/purpose-and-objectives-of-pegasus-equine-guardian-association/

6/17/2016 Deadline for Public Comment on Recent EA


6/17/2016 ALDF Comments – Round 2


6/21/2016 Animal Coalition ( ALDF ) Condemns Army’s Cruel Plan to Eliminate Horses http://aldf.org/press-room/press-releases/interview-opportunity-animal-coalition-condemns-armys-cruel-plan-to-eliminate-horses/

6/21/2016 Article from West Central Blast http://www.westcentralsbest.com/news/national-animal-legal-advocacy-group-opposes-army-s-plan-to/article_014efcd0-37cd-11e6-9c86-fbf34ad9f8e8.html

6/28/2016 Did you know that Kisatchie National Forest is comprised of 7 Louisiana parishes?A grand total of 604,000 acres! All of these parishes fall under 2 Congressional Members!


-July 2016-

7/6/2016 Army Responds to Tulane-FOIA

Link to 515 pages if partially redacted comments from Public Comment period ending Sept 2015


070616070616 2

7/10/2016 Article from The Alternative Daily http://www.thealternativedaily.com/united-states-army-vs-feral-horses/

-August 2016-

8/12/2016 Louisiana has Historical Flooding

8/15/2016 Army Announces “Final Decision”- COA7


U.S. Army’s Removal Plan Designed to Benefit the Kill Buyer COA 7


08/17/2016 Update Article by Kim Sheppard


08/30/2016 Fort Polks 501c3 List http://www.jrtc-polk.army.mil/trespass_horses.html

-September 2016-

09/05/2016 https://pegasusequine.wordpress.com/2016/09/05/u-s-armys-removal-plan-designed-to-benefit-the-kill-buyer-coa-7/

09/10/2016 Meeting in Leesville among locals and concerned citizens

-October 2016- ( ROUND UP # 1 Under COA7 )

10/9/2016 http://www.leesvilledailyleader.com/news/20161008/making-sense-of-fort-polk-horses-plan

10/21/2016 https://pegasusequine.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/press-release-horse-welfare-advocates-looking-for-a-long-term-ethical-plan-to-ensure-the-protection-of-louisianas-heritage-horses/

Our Concerns…..

As many of you already know Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) has come to the aid of the horses at Fort Polk for Round Up #1. We are grateful to have such a well-respected animal organization working with the Army.
HSNT is known for their hard work and dedication to help at risk Horses.

However, concern still exists for the future of the Louisiana Wild Horses. Knowing that the horse market is already flooded with healthy horses, we can assert that the minute the horses enter the horse market their risk for ending up in auctions and eventually slaughterhouses increases substantially.
While we applaud attempts by organizations to assist, It is a huge under-taking with no longer term ethical solution that truly considers the welfare of the horses and that is where our concern comes from.

For example, many of the BLM placed horses end-up in the slaughter pipeline. The BLM has approximately 55,000 horses and 11,000 burros that they have been taking from public lands and have been keeping (for years) in holding facilities awaiting adoption.

Also, Considering the recent round up of what seems to be mostly mares and yearlings from the Training grounds at Fort Polk by the Army we feel that the remaining horses, including many stallions are in grave danger.

Based on the army’s COA 7, ( as we understand it…because many specifics are unclear )

Each cycle interval includes the following steps.
Of the total horses captured for that interval… horses will go to:
1) 501c3
“If” there are any remaining horses from that capture interval:
2) Give-away
“If” there are any remaining horses from that capture interval:
3) Sold at auction

We don’t know how many were captured
We don’t how many of the captured horses are being taken by HSNT (because they are still in holding, on base, pending vetting)
And it is still unknown how many horses will remain from this capture after HSNT takes and what will their fate be?

-November 2016-

 11/16/16 Advocates Oppose Wild Horse Removal Program

The U.S. Army at Fort Polk is in the process of removing wild horses from ranges and pine forests that the horses have inhabited for many generations.There are two things seriously wrong with this… (click link above to read more)

-December 2016- ( ROUND UP # 2 Under COA7 )

12/12/16 Report from KTBS (abc affiliate) 15 more Horses Rounded Up at Fort Polk


12/14/16 Lawsuit filed to protect Louisiana’s Wild Horses

“Pegasus Equine Guardian Association, represented by Tulane Environmental Law Clinic, filed a lawsuit in the Louisiana District Court against the US Army at Fort Polk Louisiana, charging that the Army’s plan to eliminate herds of horses violates the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).”…



12/14/16 Amy Hanchey on Wild Horse and Burro radio Hosted by RT Fitch Pres of Wild Horse Freedom Federation – Listen by clicking link below.



-July 2017-

07/01/17 Update on the Wild Ones:
At the moment they are peaceful and content in their precious family unit.Please engage your public officials urge them to work to protect Louisiana’s Wild and Free Roaming Heritage Horses. (Picture taken June 2017 Mama, Daddy, and Baby)  https://www.facebook.com/FortPolkHorsesPEGA/photos/a.1485004461796601.1073741830.1484973435133037/1745805425716502/?type=3&theater

-December 2017- ( ROUND UP # 3 Under COA7 )

12/06/17 “Despite public outcry and a lawsuit through Tulane Environmental Law Clinic, the U.S. Army at Fort Polk is continuing to allow removals of the free roaming horses (many generationally wild ) from the areas at Fort Polk, where they have lived (along with other wildlife) for many years. Recently, at least 18 more wild horses were captured.”

Update on Fort Polks Move to Eliminate More Free Roaming Wild Horses


-January 2018- ( ROUND UP # 4 Under COA7 )

01/08/18  Preliminary Injunction motion filed.  To see exhibits filed with Preliminary Injunction, click Here > Exhibits 

01/09/18 Motion for Partial Preliminary Injunction hearing scheduled for 1/30/2018 at 10:00 AM in Lake Charles, Courtroom #4 before Magistrate Judge Kathleen Kay. This hearing is open to the public.

ALDF Press release: Advocates Urge Court to Immediately Stop Army’s Illegal Seizure of Horses, Slaughter Plan

01/12/18 Over the holiday season, Fort Polk began escalating their proposed plan to eliminate the wild and free-roaming heritage horses of Louisiana. This escalation brought forth new information and prompted a swift response by Pegasus Equine Guardian Association (PEGA), a Preliminary Injunction motion was filed on Monday, January 8th, 2018…. ( read more by clicking link below)

Preliminary Injunction Motion Filed to Protect Wild and Free Roaming Heritage Horses In Louisiana

01/30/18 Preliminary Injunction hearing in Lake Charles, LA before Magistrate Judge Kathleen Kay.

We are very pleased with our ability to communicate several serious concerns. Some of the key issues raised are; the Army’s lack of compliance with NEPA and NHPA, lack of proper identification and basic demographics about the horses, improper holding practices, illegal round up methods used by third party contractors, as well as the potential for our unique heritage horses to be exposed to diseases found in domestic horses and kill pens in the area. PEGA has 14 days to file a memorandum, then the Army has seven days to respond, so it could be about a month until the presiding Magistrate Judge renders an opinion. Judge Kay will rule on the following:

  1. rule on evidence for the PI
  2. rule on PI
  3. rule on evidence for the record, then the parties will brief merits
  4. Then, Judge Kay will rule on the merits of the case

-February 2018-

02/07/18 “Direct requests have been made to Army Officials from countless individuals and humane organizations; requesting that they refrain from working with individuals or organizations who would profit from the slaughter of these unique horses, specifically but not limited to Thompson Kill Pen in Pitkin, LA (aka THL,  Thompson Horse Lot, or Double S Kill Pen)

Sadly, the US Army and Civilian Officials managing this initiative have completely ignored direct request and public sentiment by subcontracting  with the Thompson’s of Pitkin, LA who are suspected to have been hired by the primary contract holder Texas State University, led by Todd Ahlman, Director of the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State University”…. Read more by clicking the link directly below, 

Fort Polk and Texas State University Line Pockets of Kill Buyers in Mission to “Eliminate” Louisiana’s Wild and Free Roaming Horses

-March 2018-

03/09/18 “On Friday, March 9, on narrow grounds a Western District U.S. Magistrate Judge chose not to recommend that the Court stop the elimination of wild and free roaming horses at Fort Polk, Louisiana.” … Read more by clicking the link directly below,

Magistrate Judge Kathleen Kay files Report & Recommendation in Response to Preliminary Injunction Hearing

Link to Report and Recommendation herehttps://pegasusequine.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/03-09-18-67-rr-on-pi1.pdf

03/23/18  PEGA Files Objections

03/30/18 Peason Ridge Annual Heritage Family Tour and Update from Drop Zone

-April 2018-

04/07/18 Local reporter, Rickie Smith, from The Leesville Leader, has published an article about the unique herds of wild horses seen on Peason Ridge. The article, Wild Horses Embedded in Peason History   highlights the uniqueness of the this area and its wildlife, especially the wild horses who have thrived here for over a century. Please take a moment to read and share the article, as well as show your appreciation to Mr. Smith for getting the word out about the unique herds of culturally significant wild horses in Louisiana.

-May 2018- ( ROUND UP # 5 Under COA7 )

-June 2018- ( ROUND UP # 6 Under COA7 )

-July 2018- ( ROUND UP # 7 Under COA7 )

-August 2018- ( ROUND UP # 8 Under COA7 )

-September 2018-



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