Update on Fort Polks Move to Eliminate More Free Roaming Wild Horses

Despite public outcry and a lawsuit through Tulane Environmental Law Clinic, the U.S. Army at Fort Polk is continuing to allow removals of the free roaming horses (many generationally wild ) from the areas at Fort Polk, where they have lived (along with other wildlife) for many years. Recently, at least 18 more wild horses were captured.

Click below for a detailed explanation of  U.S. Army’s Course of Action 7: U.S. Army’s Removal Plan Designed to Benefit the Kill Buyer COA 7

The Army at Fort Polk can build elaborate corral systems and call folks from their “list” to haul these free roaming horses to the unknown, (some to auction stockyards and sold for meat price for purposes of slaughter in Mexico). The U.S. Army at Fort Polk can and should do the right thing and have them relocated to a safer area on adjacent lands that have nothing to do with the Army or training area or protected from removal.

The Army’s plan to “eliminate” these horses must be stopped until a solution can be put into place that considers the long term welfare of Louisiana’s Heritage Horses. There are close to 400,000 plus acres that are not owned or managed by the army, on USFS managed lands, that these migratory heritage animals could be relocated to and protected from exploitation.

Click here to read more about The Historical Importance of The Wild and Free Roaming Horses of Fort Polk… 

Read more about the lawsuit here: Lawsuit filed to protect Louisiana’s Wild Horses

Historically, wild or un-hanlded horses in the hands of the public (including some 501c3’s) equal disaster. A 501c3 designation does not mean anti-slaughter and it does not guarantee the horses safety nor their well-being, nor does “non-discriminatory give-away” of horses to the “interested public”.  Also these 501c3’s may not have the sustainable ability nor intent to feed and care for wild or un-handled horses long term.  Non profits depend on donated money to function and 501c3 designation does not necessarily mean they have the resources and expertise required to safely house, handle, and safely adopt/sell un-handled/wild horses to the general public. Because of this, there are both animal and social welfare/safety implications with the Army’s chosen and intentional actions.

Read more about the implications of wild horses in the hands of 501c3’s and the general public here: PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES of Pegasus Equine Guardian Association

Read more about horse slaughter here: For Horse Lovers Everywhere: The Truth About Horse Slaughter

Contact information for the Ft. Polk Public Affairs Office is:
7073 Radio Rd, Fort Polk, LA 71459
Phone: (337) 531-7203
Fax: (337) 531-6014
eMail: usarmy.polk.imcom.mbx.pao-public-response@mail.mil

**For Record, we ask that any communication sent to Fort Polk, regarding these horses, also be sent to: kisatchiehorses@gmail.com

Also please reach out to our Congress people to express your personal concern regarding the welfare of these horses. 

1.) Billy Nungesser , As Lt Governor, State Parks and Tourism fall under his rule.
Twitter: @BillyNungesser
 2.) Mike Strain – LA Ag Commissioner, USFS , USDA
Phone: 225.922.1234
3.) John Bel Edwards, Louisiana Governor
4.) ‎LA-1 Scalise‬, Steve 202-225-3015
5.) Cedric Richmond
6.) Clay Higgins la03chima@mail.house.gov
7.) LA-5 Ralph Abraham‬ 202-225-8490
8.) LA-4 ‎Mike Johnson‬ 202-225-2777 

Fort Polk: 3329 University Parkway Building 552, Room 24 LeesvilleLA 71446 Phone: 337-392-3146


9.) Bill Cassidy
10.) John Kennedy
Washington DC Office Phone: (202) 224-4623
Lafayette Office (337) 269-5980
Baton Rouge Office (225) 926 – 8033

One thought on “Update on Fort Polks Move to Eliminate More Free Roaming Wild Horses

  1. Great work. I recently encountered wild horses near the Claiborne Bombing Range and what treat that was. It was an act of providence. As I was getting out of my truck to video these horses, “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones started playing on the radio. Chances of seeing a wild horse around Alexandria…..one in a million….chances of seeing them and hearing Wild Horses playing …..one in a billion. It was a gift to me from on high. Here is a link to the short video.


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