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Ricky Thompson, Justin Thompson



10-15-2004 Droddy Thompsons


02-03-12 Jacob Thompson

02-03-12 jt


Gary Thompson’s  Suspension is 2013-2023



In a Complaint filed by Deputy Administrator, Packers and Stockyards Program

Jacob Thompson -Docket-12-0028

Jacob Thompson has willfully violated the Packers and Stockyards Act, 1921, as amended and supplemented (7 U.S.C. § 181 et seq.) (Act), and the regulations promulgated thereunder (9 C.F.R. Part 201)(Regulations)….. During the period of July 8, 2013 through September 10 2013, Respondent purchased $781,133.24 of livestock in four transactions with Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission Co., Sulphur Springs, TX, and in one transaction with Red River Livestock LLC, Coushatta, LA, in which Respondent failed to pay, when due, the full purchase price of livestock……. 

From June 12, 2013 through August 28, 2013~ Respondent purchased in five transactions from Red River Livestock, LLC, $1,027,865.12 worth of livestock for which Respondent issued checks in purported payment for his purchases that were returned unpaid by the bank upon which they were drawn.

jt usda complaint Read the entire complaint here: Jacob Thompson -Docket-12-0028

Jacob Thompson, 30, was arrested by TSCRA Special Rangers Kent Dowell and Bart Perrier on Hurley’s theft of livestock warrant out of Hopkins County.

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association News Release August 21, 2104

Salisaw, Okla. – A Louisiana man was arrested on Monday for the second time this year in Salisaw, Okla. and charged with second degree theft of livestock. Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) Special Ranger Toney Hurley led the investigation.

Read more:
Jacob Thompsons Suspension is 2014-2019

Cattle Theft from Southeast Mississippi Livestock Association & Livestock Producers Association, total judgement $245,405.84. See court documents here

04-24-14 Thompson Mississippi Case Final Judgement – Case 2:13-cv-00138-KS-MTP

TL MS Judgement


jacob thompson


Jacob Thompson is a convicted felon On 4/25/2016 in Hopkins County Texas, 8th Judicial District, Mr. Thompson plead guilty to a first degree felony theft of livestock and a second degree felony theft of property. He received 10 years’ probation for the first degree felony and 10 years deferred probation for the felony 2.


Felony Docket for 4/25/2016



07-03-17 Exhibits Ownership of THL and Aerial Surveillance

07-03-17 exhibits and aerial
Livestock report
09-2017 Click link for list of horses sent to Slaughter by Jacob Thompson in September of 2017 LA AG Thompson 09 2017
09-08-17 violation RS 3 563
11-28-17 jt


Currently Jacob Thompson is facing multiple charges by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture;  hearing scheduled for January 5, 2018.
jt hearing 010518
01-05-18 Finding THL
Jan 6th, 2018 – Jacob Thompson Hearing outcome:
Jan 6th 2018 –  Jacob Thompson was found guilty on all 5 charges which were: 
1) Selling of Livestock without a Permit   (he just recently obtained his livestock permit, however for the time prior to that, he was operating without a permit)
2) Engaging in commercial sale of Livestock without a Surety Bond.   Bond has recently been obtained, however for the time prior to that he was operating without)
3) Transportation of animals across state lines without proper Health Certificates 
    *** On this one,  remember those 39 mares & foals from TX?  it was this load specifically, & the Agency’s ability to nail them as it was happening, so kudo’s to those who assisted with identifying which auction they were coming from, and La. Dept of Ag’s quick work with their Texas counterparts! 
4) Transportation of Equines across state lines without EIA (Coggins) certs 
   *** same situation as above – it was those mares/foals that this was pertaining to) 
5) Improper disposal of animal remains. 
     *** Some may remember TMS’s ranting video about the Dept of Ag flying overhead for an hour and 15 min…   in reality, the Dept of Ag was overhead for 15 min only – at max.  The “hour and a half” that she made reference to, was obtained from public records that record the entire flight duration – and the authorities chartered their agency plane from a location not close to Pitkin.
Total fines $3150,  payable in 30 days or contempt.  I know some may say “oh that’s too low”  but, the fact of the matter is that all of these charges COULD have been combined into one summary $1000 fine (or less) so it is a huge statement, that the Board rejected this agreement which was proposed by Thompson’s attorney, and instead treated each violation separately. 
In addition, there were numerous USDA vets present at the hearing, another indication that federal authorities are tuned into this situation and will be more engaged going forward. 

04-02-18 gt

Public Hearing on May 18th, 2018 – Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson was not present. His attorney represented them.
Summary: $1000 fine imposed.

1) this was for movement of CATTLE from Florida to La. without paperwork. had absolutely nothing to do with the recent horrific horse trailer accidents which are active investigations.

2) the vets in Fla would not issue paperwork (commendable!) b/c the cattle were not in their opinion healthy enough to make the trip. Thompson’s moved them anyway, no surprise. Fla vets alerted La. Dept of Ag. When the trailer was stopped, there were dead cattle found to be on board.

3) this is the MAXIMUM fine that the Board could’ve been imposed for this infraction, per the Louisiana law.

4) There is, in the state of La, legislation making it’s way thru which when enacted, will change the fine from one per incident, to one per ANIMAL. Hopefully, this change will be expedited thru. I want to try & find more details on the bill, current status, etc. Had this been in place already, the fine would’ve been +$30,000.

5) To reiterate, the Animal Board of Health did the MOST they could do, with the laws. they did not settle. They did not dismiss.

6) There will be a separate post with the police report from the WI accident, which will clearly show that there is more in the works, for this specific incident.

7) the findings from the hearing will be available via open records request which I’ll submit for on Monday

06-1-2018 Ricky Thompson & Wanda Thompson

rickywanda thompson

09-04-2019 Hineston man connected to cattle rustling ring arrested again





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