Letter of Concern

The following letter of concern, dated August 3, 2018,  was sent to all parties involved in the horse removal program at Fort Polk. Please take a moment to read the entire letter by clicking the picture below or on this link below.

Letter of Concern Regarding Fort Polk Horse Removal

Click here to read the full letter

The US Army Corps Awarded Texas State University 1.75 million for Cultural Resource Management in 8 States. Part of this money was apparently allocated to something the Corps refers to as “Horse Capture and Maintenance” (nothing about removal)

See the Federal Grant Agreement for “Horse Capture and Maintenance”

 “The INCRT is an interdisciplinary team of specialists from departments and programs across the university led by Dr. Todd Ahlman, the director of our Center for Archaeological Studies. The Texas State team will conduct archaeological surveys and support the management of cultural resources at U.S. Air Force bases and training facilities in eight states” https://mailchi.mp/4d5d103101aa/news-from-the-hill?e=0d5b7510e3

Texas State University then subcontracted Jacob Thompsons Cattle aka Thompson Horse Lot. See document titled “Scope of Work for Thompson Horse Lot & Co. Horse Capture and Maintenance Project Joint Reserve Training Center at Fort Polk“.

** side note: Interesting how the scope of work document uses the wrong definition for JRTC acronym .. which really stands for Joint Readiness Training Center not “Joint Reserve Training Center”

Recipients of the Letter as follows:

JRTC – Fort Polk Officials: BG Commanding General Patrick D. Frank,   Fort Polk Public Affairs Officers Troy D Darr. Members of Range Control or Fort Polk Officials directly involved including; Milton W. Fariss, William W. Lassiter, Ken D. Brown, Allison M Cedars, Matthew M. Stevens, Mark S. Leslie, Milton K. Lavalley,  and Howard A. Thrasher.

Fort Polk/ Texas State University / Army Corps of Engineers Contract Signers: Kali Evans, Kathy S. Mitchell, Stephanie A Rostermundt, Matthew M. Stevens, Maria E Rodriguez, and Kay Beauchamp.

APHIS and LDAF Officials: Matt Traylor, Brent Robbins, Dr Myrick, John Walter, John Roberts, Diane Stacey, and Mike Strain.

Texas State University Officials: Todd Ahlman, Dr Elizabeth Erhart, Dr Denise M Trauth, Sean Rubino, Monica Gonzales, Becky Northcut, and Kay Beauchamp.



Response Received 08-6-2018 from LDAF Assistant Commissioner, John Walther

LDAF Letter Response


Response received from Texas State University, Dir. of Anthropology, Dr Todd Ahlman.

TSU letter response


Learn more about the Federal Grant Money being used to fund felon kill buyers in the destruction of Louisiana’s Wild Horses.

Learn more about the genetic significance of Louisiana’s Wild Horses

Learn more about the historical and cultural significance of Louisiana’s Wild Horses

Learn more about the charges and convictions associated with Thompson Kill Pen (Jacob Thompson Cattle)

See all legal action taken

Take Action TODAY!


3 thoughts on “Letter of Concern

  1. This is such a barbaric, Neanderthal practice We are not a third world country for Gid’s sake. The wild horse is a great miracle symbol of our country and the FREEDOM we are supposed to impart on others (things and people).


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