Winter is Here

If you follow us on Facebook at, Fort Polk Horses of Kisatchie, you may know that much has transpired since our last email. To briefly recap, we left off on the heals of the August round up and we had just received word of September round up. 

The events of the September 2019 round up are as follows: Meridian Falls Ranch (MFR) coordinated with Jacob Thompson to have the horses picked up from Fort Polk. Agents of Thompson Kill Pen picked up the horses from the army base and took them to one of their many holding locations. Shortly afterwards the horses were being offered for sale.

Thankfully, Baby Girl Horse Rescue & Veteran Therapy purchased 20 of the 21 horses from the September round up to save them from a horrible fate in the hands of Thompson Kill Pen, under the purview of Meridian Falls Ranch and Fort Polk Range Control Officials. 

To see more about past round ups please visit Round Up Tracking

The moment horses from round up #13 were unloaded to safety. Huge thank you to Baby Girl Horse Rescue and Veteran Therapy

The moment horses from round up #13 were unloaded to safety. Huge thank you to Baby Girl Horse Rescue and Veteran Therapy

It is truly a tragic situation when a 501c3 organization claims to be a “rescue” or an animal welfare organization but in reality is only concerned with their own financial gain at the expense of the welfare of Louisiana’s Wild Horses. The horse industry is riddled with such entities who take donations from the public and claim to protect horses, but in all actuality send horses to auction and ultimately slaughter.

While Pegasus Equine Guardian Association (PEGA), has received several reports in the past of MFRs ill intentions, it is always difficult to prove such matters. However, as a result of a public records request to Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF),  PEGA is now able to substantiate reports that the 501c3 on the top of the Army’s list, Meridian Falls Ranch (MFR), is in fact misleading the Public and key decision makers. See documents received as a result of PEGAs public records request to LDAF here. LDAF Response to PRR by PEGA

In light of recent information obtained from LDAF as well as the past charges against the founder of this organization (Meridian Falls Ranch), we hope that the IRS and the Army will re-evaluated their professional relationship. As it will be made plainly clear that this group claiming to be an animal welfare group does not truly have the welfare of these genetically unique horses in mind.  Despite the inference in the Army’s chosen course of action (COA7), where they explicitly say “animal welfare organization” with 501c3 status will
be able to take the horses. 

Read more at PEGAs Blog 

So many times we look to those in leadership to be our example. To do the right thing, the morally correct thing. However, more and more we are seeing that morality takes a back seat to ego, power, and of course greed. 

Along this journey I have been disappointed and disgusted with the lack of concern and recognition given to these genetically and historically unique horses, by officials in power. From the ridiculous decision-making process, which failed to consider what was being destroyed. To the out right malice and corruption shown by key decision makers. It wears on the soul when you are up against such odds. 

In the same breath I can say I have never been more uplifted, inspired, and hopeful. Just when you think you can go no further a new door opens… a new Angel walks through to show us the path forward… filling the heart and soul with a revived sense of purpose and strength to persevere. That restores my faith in humanity. 

There has been a cooperative effort between PEGA and several other rescue organizations with the wild horses in their care and two world class equine labs specializing in genetics & genomic sequencing has been well underway. This effort was made public on several occasions via various platforms. Read more about their biological significance here. Preliminary Genetic Analysis

This will truly take a village. There are over 100 horses in temporary sanctuary situations. Winter is coming and we can not do this without the help of those who care. Hay and supplemental nutrition are still and will continue to be our greatest need. We are working hand in hand with Baby Girl Horse Rescue and Veteran Therapy and Haseya’s New Beginnings Animal Rescue. Thankfully Baby Girl has the first load of hay delivered however many more loads will be needed to adequately support their nutritional needs throughout winter. Please consider helping us in maintaining the level of care these wild horses will require. 

Consider donating today, Even the smallest amount will make a huge difference!  Hay is our biggest need in preparation for winter.  M

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This is an example what your donations have allowed us to do so far!!
On October 22nd Haseya’s New Beginnings Animal Rescue  and Pegasus Equine Guardian Association  delivered five 200lbs protein tubs, 1000lbs, over a span of about 80 acres to Haseyas Herd of Fort Polk horses from round up #12

In addition to all the above there is a need to bring 12 Fort Polk Horses home to Louisiana from Ohio.

Last year just as winter began a group of Fort Polk horses was sent to a rescue in Ohio by Freedom Reins. A few months ago is became apparent that the situation in Ohio was no longer sustainable and the 12 horses remaining would need to find a new home. Thankfully Baby Girl Horse Rescue and Veteran Therapy answered our call for help and has committed to bring the group back to Louisiana.

To help with transport costs for the “Ohio 12” please visit Baby Girl Horse Rescue and Veteran Therapy’s fundraiser on Go Fund Me.

Pegasus Equine Guardian Association is a 501(c)(3) and can receive tax-deductible donations.