Fort Polk Horses Round Up Tracking

Round Up Totals Since October 2016 = 267 Horses as of 09/18/18 ( however if reports of 40 captured on 09/18/18 are true the total would be 278 )

RoundUp#1: 10/2016 — 50 Horses: Humane Society of North Texas.

Article:Press Release: The US Army is proceeding with the removal of wild horses from Louisiana’s ranges and piney forests.

RoundUp#2: 12/2016 — 15 Horses: Humane Society of North Texas

Article:Lawsuit filed to protect Louisiana’s Wild Horses

RoundUp#3: 12/2017 — 18 Horses: Freedom Reins acting under Horses Lives Matter

Article:Update on Fort Polks Move to Eliminate More Free Roaming Wild Horses

RoundUp#4: 01/2018 — 21 Horses: Freedom Reins acting under Horses Lives Matter

Article: Preliminary Injunction Motion Filed to Protect Wild and Free Roaming Heritage Horses In Louisiana

RoundUp#5: 05/2018  — 37 Horses: FRRR/BGVT/SLPAC/MFR.  18 saved by SLPAC, 6 saved by BGVT, 1 saved by FRRR. Remaining 12 which were primarily studs were taken by MFR even though we had placement … they took the 12 and we never heard another word until a report was received that they went to Elkhart auction.

Article 1:US Army, Civilian led Environmental Division / Range Control at Fort Polk, and Texas State University fund Thompson Kill Buyers

Article 2:Inadequate handling practices pose added threat to Louisiana’s Wild Horses

Article 3:Federal Grant Money Funding Felons: Thompson Horse Lot

Article 4:17 Fort Polk Horses find freedom at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

RoundUp#6: 06/2018 — 32 Horses: Meridian Falls Takes all .. Seemingly disappeared into thin air. It it suspected they also went through the same auction.

RoundUp#7: 07/2018 — 33 Horses: Meridian Falls to Thompson Kill Pen to Freedom Reins. Within 3 to 4 days of initial notification 28 of the 33 went to THL. Initially THL wasn’t admitting they had the 4 studs and only advertised the 23/24 in that video. unknown where the missing 5 went. With out the donor and Freedom Reins those horses would have shipped without a doubt.

Article 1:Help Needed: Fort Polk Horses Need a Home!

Article 2:Louisiana’s Wild Horses Need Your Help

RoundUp#8: 08/17/2018 — 32 Horses: Meridian Falls sold to Freedom Reins

Article 1:Letter of Concern

Article 2:Fort Polk bulldozing through on Round Up 8 of 32 Horses and TSU responds to Letter

RoundUp#9: 09/18/2018— 29 Horses:  Initial reports said 40 horses captured however, Fort Polk communication states 29 horses captured. Meridian Falls is still the “rescue” working directly with the army and forcing real rescues to pay to save the horses they obtain for free from the Army.


The Untold Story of RoundUp#9 – September 2018 – The inhumane & reckless destruction of Louisiana’s Heritage Horses by the US Army and Range Control at Fort Polk.
September 18th, 2018:  Public Affairs office at Fort Polk notifies organizations on their “Army Approved” 501c3 list, this list was created 2+yrs ago. The official communication, as seen below, reports that 29 horses have been captured.  However, initial eye-witness reports state that there were actually significantly more horses captured.

September 22nd, 2018 – Pick Up Day
It was reported that 3 haulers picked up horses that day; a hauler for Freedom Reins picked up 16, hauler for Baby Girl Horse Rescue and Veteran Therapy picked up 7, and the 6 remaining went to a group known as Oasis Ranch.

The hauler of the 16 decided it was a good idea to lasso and tie a wild stud to the inside of the trailer which contained 15 other wild horses; 11 mares and 5 studs..  Then then trailer gets stuck in the mud and the hauler proceeds to “gun” the truck back an forth in an effort to get it unstuck with a full trailer holding 16 wild horses. The tied horse already beaten and terrified, lost his balance and was strangled to the point that the horse passed out. The horse was then trampled by the other terrified wild horses on the trailer. It was reported that one individual had to jump up and cut the rope so that the horse would not die.

These 16 made their was to Eunice LA where they were to be held for Freedom Reins.

September 28th, 2018 – Gelding Day for 4 of the 5 studs
The vet determined that the horse who was tied, strangled, and trampled in the trailer required his eye-removed due to injuries sustained during pick up / transport. He and 3 others were also gelded the same day. Those attending witnessed rough handling, indicative of what was witnessed on hauling day, as well has cruel treatment of the wild horses. Advocates responsible for the horses were not allowed to check on the horses for 3 days after the geldings and eye-removal. It wasn’t until the October 2nd that advocates were allowed to check on the horses. That same day the fifth stud was gelded and all the studs were moved to a different location, still under the pu(rview of  the hauler.

October 3rd, 2018 – Received word that one of the studs was found dead in the pasture. This was not the stud whose eye was removed but the white stud who was beaten with the PVC pipe and collapsed on gelding day.

Grass roots orgs are doing what they can in an unsustainable situation but sadly what we are seeing is a perfect example of what happens when an organization is in over its head. The Wild Horses are being aggressively trained at break neck speed, others are being forgotten about and / or ignored and left with the same people who are seen abusing them in the video below. It’s painfully obvious that these people have little concern for the fact that these horse are wild.

Clearly, breaking a newly captured wild horse to ride in under 2 weeks does not ring of natural horsemanship and frankly these horses should not be subject to this kind of treatment.

Where is the person / organization responsible for protecting these horses while in their care?

The video shows the difference in the horses overall well-being and attitude; comparing day before pick up and day after and tells the story of what they have been going though since being captured and evicted from their wild existence in Kisatchie National Forest.

**Warning some images are upsetting***