FOIA / Public Records Request Documents

Army: Administrative Record with Index

04-16 Army: Final Environmental Assessment for the Elimination of Trespass Horses on Fort Polk, Louisiana

12-14-16 PEGA Lawsuit Filed to Protect Louisiana’s Wild and Free Roaming Horses

12-12-17 Order Signed

01-08-18 PEGA files motion for Preliminary Injunction

01-08-18 PEGA Exhibits for Preliminary Injunction

01-09-18 Order setting Preliminary Injunction hearing

01-11-18 Order referring PI to Magistrate Judge Kathleen Kay

01-12-18 PEGA PI Memo

01-17-18 PEGA Motion to Submit Extra-Record Evidence

01-17-18 PEGA Memorandum in Support of Motion to Submit Extra-Record Evidence

01-17-18 PEGA Declaration of Bruce Nock

01-19-18 Army files Motion to Strike Evidence & Materials, Declaration of Mark S Leslie, and Declaration of Milton Wayne Fariss

01-19-18 Declaration of Milton Wayne Fariss, Director / Chief Environmental Division at Fort Polk

01-22-18 Notice of Motion Setting

01-23-18 Reply Memorandum in Support of PEGAs Motion for Partial Preliminary Injunction

01-24-18 PEGA files Memorandum in Opposition to Armys Motion to Strike Extra-Record Materials

01-26-18 Army files Corrected declaration

01-26-18 Army files Exhibit for Corrected declaration

01-29-18 PEGA files Motion in Limine, Memo in Support, Rule 6.5 etc.

01-30-18 Minutes of Preliminary Injunction Hearing

01-30-18 PI Hearing Transcripts

02-07-18 Army files Memorandum in Opposition to PEGAs Motion to submit extra record evidence

02-13-18 PEGA files Post-Hearing brief in support of Motion for Preliminary Injunction

02-19-18 PEGA files Opposition to Armys Motion in Limine

02-20-18 Army files Post-Hearing Brief

03-09-18 Report and Recommendation by Judge Kathleen Kay regarding Motion for Preliminary Injunction

03-23-18 PEGA files Objections to Magistrate Judge’s Report and Recommendation

03-30-18 FOIA Fee Waiver Granted

04-06-18 Army Files Opposition To Objections of RR

04-16-18 Dr Sponenberg files Amicus Brief

05-04-18 Army Files Opposition to Amicus Brief of Dr Sponenberg

05-04-18 PEGAs Reply to Armys Opposition to Objections to Judges Report and Recommendation

05-04-18 PEGA Files Motion for Leave to Reply

06-07-18 81 Order adopting Report and Recommendation and Motion to file Amicus Brief by Dr Sponenberg GRANTED by Judge Elizabeth Foote

09-06-18 PEGA filed Joint Motion Proposed Scheduling Order

10-01-2018 PEGA files Motion for Summary Judgement

11-15-2018 Army files Cross-Motion for Summary Judgement and Response 

12-06-18 Amicus Brief filed by Kimberly Sheppard