Updated article on PEGAs Purpose & Objectives including VITAL POINTS for adoption & information regarding Army’s EA/Plan. Pegasus Equine Guardian Association (PEGA) is a registered Louisiana Non Profit Organization that formed to help preserve and protect these animals. With an awareness that wild equines are much better left in the wild such as their home in the Kisatchie... Continue Reading →

The Silent Echoes in Feedlots: 08/16/2016 UPDATE In the midst of torrential downpours and catastrophic flooding in South and Central Louisiana, when 10,000 plus displaced Louisiana citizens have sought refuge in shelters because they have lost everything, rescues of every size and type are desperately trying to absorb the great need of feeding and caring... Continue Reading →

Louisiana’s Heritage Horses and the Struggle to Protect Them | The Timeline

This is a working document... a summarized timeline of our struggle to protect the Heritage Horses at US Army base in Fort Polk, Louisiana. It is documented that horses were distributed across the Kisatchie region as early as mid 1600’s when the Caddoan tribes traded A type of horse commonly  referred to as Spanish Colonial... Continue Reading →

Tulane Environmental Law Clinic Receives Response to FOIA Request for Comment period ending September 2015 Tulane Environmental Law Clinic  submitted a request for information to U.S. Army regarding the proposed elimination of horses on  December 14th, 2015 in reference to the First comment period ending September 6th, 2015 . After a few follow up letters... Continue Reading →

Please see the attached letter from Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) to Fort Polk. This letter is part of the Public Comments regarding the U.S. Army's  Final Environmental Assessment and proposed Elimination of Horses at Fort Polk, Louisiana. This public commenting period , was extended to June 17th, 2016. ALDF Comments 06022016 Tulane Environmental Law Clinic... Continue Reading →

Proposal to Protect Louisiana's Heritage Horses In response to a 2016 Environmental Assessment regarding the Army's proposed elimination of our Louisiana Heritage Horses a copy of a proposal submitted by Pegasus Equine Guardian Association to the US Army at Fort Polk Army Base on June 16th, 2016.  JRTC and Fort Polk, Public Affairs Office Attention: Public... Continue Reading →

Animal Coalition Condemns Army’s Cruel Plan to Eliminate Horses   http://aldf.org/press-room/press-releases/interview-opportunity-animal-coalition-condemns-armys-cruel-plan-to-eliminate-horses/ Posted on June 21, 2016 "For Immediate Release Contacts: Natalia Lima, Animal Legal Defense Fund, nlima@aldf.org, 201-679-7088 LAFAYETTE, LA – A coalition of animal protection groups is speaking out against the Army’s new plan to address the longstanding population of hundreds of horses whose home... Continue Reading →

Public Concern Esclates for the  Welfare of Louisiana's Free-Roaming Heritage Horses. Public support is urgently needed. Comment Before June 17th, 2016 Public Comment Deadline 6/17/16  EMAIL Army (copy and paste the email address below) usarmy.polk.imcom.mbx.pao-public-response@mail.mil  To make sure YOUR voice is heard, feel free to copy email addresses below:  kisatchiehorses@gmail.com edwardsj@legis.la.gov       ltgov@crt.la.gov email@billynungesser.com ... Continue Reading →

Public Comment Deadline, June 17th 2016 To understand the importance of these horses, a brief history is in order. Some horses in the Kisatchie region are believed to be descendants of those that had been brought there long ago. This region holds much Native American history and is one of the settlement cradles in early... Continue Reading →

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