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New Petition Created June 1st, 2018:  In this petition we are asking the key individuals directly involved with the decision making, contracting, day to day care of the horses as well as the state and federal agencies who have or have had agents on site as well as key state officials who may have influence.

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Fort Polk and Louisiana’s Official Protect Louisiana’s Heritage Horses 



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Direct Contact Info Below:

1.)Louisiana Lieutenant Governor

Billy Nungesser
(225) 342-7009
(504) 433-1200

2.) US Army Public Affairs e-mail:


400 Army Navy Drive Room 801
Arlington VA 22202.
phone: 800 424 9098.
email: Hotline@dodig.osd.mil

3.) Contact Louisiana State Vet 225-925-3980

email: StateVeterinarian@ldaf.state.la.us

4.) Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry

Mike Strain
phone: 225-771-8942
email: info@mikestrain.org
email: commissioner@ldaf.state.la.us

John Walther, Assistant Commissioner
email: BrandCommission@ldaf.la.gov

File a Complaint: 225-922-1234
Livestock Sanitary Board: 225-925-3980
Buying/Selling/Transport without certificate livestock: 800-558-9741

5.) Director / Chief Environmental Division at Fort Polk

Milton Wayne Fariss
phone: 337-531-7008

6.) U.S. ARMY provided Website specific to these horses & Public Affairs:

website: http://www.jrtc-polk.army.mil/trespass_horses.html
email for Public Affairs at JRTC Fort Polk – U.S. ARMY
phone: 337-531-1344
phone: 337-531-1418

7.) Contact Armed Services Commission

website: https://www.armed-services.senate.gov/
email: julie_tarallo@mccain.senate.gov
email: sandra.ross@mail.house.gov

8.) Louisiana Senator

Bill Cassidy
phone: 202-224-5824
email: ron_anderson@cassidy.senate.gov

John Kennedy
(318) 445-2892
(337) 436-6255
(202) 224-4623

9.) Secretary of Defense

James N. Mattis
1000 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1000

10.) Louisiana Governor

John Bel Edwards

11.) Louisiana Attorney General

Jeff Landry
email: ConstituentServices@ag.louisiana.gov

Additional contact info:  Contact Louisiana Public Officials

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